Глеб Плесовских


Gleb Plesovskikh – Moscow based English-speaking attorney you can trust!

After spending almost 10 years as a criminal investigator (white collar, finance & military sectors) of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, I decided to pursue a defense attorney path. I have been involved in a number of high profile cases well covered in local and federal media. And now I am ready to assist you in resolving all kinds of legal issues that you may face in Russia.

Why you should choose me?

- I have extensive experience in the law enforcement field and I know the system in-and-out. I can guide you through all the stages of criminal investigation process, no matter how difficult your case may appear at the first sight. 

- I am a full member of the Russian Federal Bar Association and The Lawyer’s Association of Russia. My work is based on the federal legislation regulating the legal profession.

- I am proud of my achievements and reputation. You may be sure that your case will always stay strictly confidential.

Legal problems? Call me without delay! 

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